Your guide to Wisconsin’s best travel apps

Travelers once looked to the stars to find their way, using a sextant and compass to navigate the world.

That time has passed. Now with smartphones in the hands of virtually everyone, critical travel data is a swipe away. Mobile sites make vacationing easy—from plotting routes to booking lodging, a smartphone is as essential to travel as a toothbrush.

But travel apps don’t just help you find your destination. There are some great specialty apps that help enhance the experience of travelers once they arrive at paradise. Before you hit the road, spend a little time online and check out the apps that relate to your destination. Apps are a great excuse to dream about a hard-earned trip that’s fast approaching. And when you arrive at your destination, you’ll be well-armed. Instead of being lost somewhere with a sextant, you’ll know exactly where you are and what to do. Here are three fun Wisconsin travel apps to check out.

Map It Vilas County trails app

In beautiful northern Wisconsin, you’ll find Vilas County, one of the top silent sports destinations in the Midwest. Trails are everywhere in Vilas County and there was a time they were so expansive, navigation was something of a challenge. That is no longer an issue. The Map It Vilas County trails app is a highly practical, easy-to-use app that includes maps for Vilas County’s 55 designated trails. The app works without cell service and it uses GPS technology to show your location on the trail. Learn more.

Hungry Hodag app

A creature that has haunted the forests of Rhinelander for more than a century has gone mobile. The Rhinelander area is considered is one of the Midwest’s most affordable and rewarding family vacation destinations, offering pristine fishing lakes, beautiful golf courses and picturesque trails. The Hungry Hodag App is a fun mobile game that takes you into this beautiful Wisconsin vacationland from the perspective of the Hodag. The beast needs your help! He’s looking for his next meal… can you help him chomp his way through Rhinelander? Will the Hungry Hodag spoil the fun? Get the app, play the game and find out.

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