Article: The top snowmobiling sites in the Northwoods

The top snowmobiling sites in the Northwoods

The World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River helped put Vilas County on the map as a premier snowmobiling destination. But there’s a lot more to snowmobiling in Vilas County than fast sleds; the snowmobile was literally born in Vilas County and on Vilas County’s trails, you can explore that rich past while taking in some incredible natural beauty. Ride on over to these top trailside spots.

Lac Vieux Desert

Vilas County is home to 1,300 lakes, which makes the riding here especially scenic and unique. For example, in northern Vilas County, on the border with Michigan, you’ll find the headwaters of the Wisconsin River. Lac Vieux Desert is a 4,260 acre, spring-fed lake with a rich history – it was named long ago by French fur trappers. It’s a picturesque lake that’s a nice place to swing past on rides north to the Land O’ Lakes area.

Cathedral Point

Just south of Boulder Junction, you’ll find a beautiful wooded peninsula that’s covered with massive, 130-foot pines. It’s called Cathedral Point and it’s one of the many natural forest-related wonders that you’ll encounter in Vilas County.

International Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame & Museum

Snowmobile lovers have to ride by this museum in St. Germain – nowhere on earth is there a larger collection of historic snowmobiles!

World Snowmobile Headquarters

In Eagle River, the “Snowmobile Capital of the World” explores the history of snowmobiling through the people and machines that started, nurtured and developed the sport.

Carl Eliason & Co. Inc. Lumber & Hardware

Downtown Sayner is known as the birthplace of the modern snowmobile, invented by Carl Eliason. See antique sleds on display at Sayner’s Eliason & Co Lumber and Hardware.

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