Article: How to shoot picture-perfect vacation photos Photo: Vilas County Tourism

How to shoot picture-perfect vacation photos

With a click of a button, you vacation memories can last forever. Some vacationers take photos with better-than-ever phone cameras, while others pack along a full DSLR setup. While you’ll capture some beautiful scenes no matter what gear you use, here are a few tips for photos that are sure to inspire envy.

Tip #1: Look for the unexpected

At every vacation destination, you’ll see people gathered around an iconic sight or significant monument, cameras in hand. There’s nothing wrong with those photos, but they tend too often to be forgotten. When you’re taking vacation photos, keep your eyes open for the unexpected. It could be a unique angle on a common sight, or something simple that you respond to, like rows of treats outside a small-town bakery. Also: pay attention to how your traveling companions are reacting to or interacting with a place—you might make a memorable photo by simply capturing their experience.

Tip #2: Use good light when you have it

There’s a reason why photographers love the early morning and evening—the light is beautiful and soft, and colors are rich and warm. If you’re hoping to take a magazine-worthy travel photo, set the alarm clock. Wake up to see the sunrise reflected in a lake or the early-morning fog dancing on a fern-covered forest floor. And then, head back to your cabin for a nap.

Tip #3: Be prepared

Too many travel photos are missed because of dead batteries, full memory cards or simply leaving your camera at home. Before you head out the door, take time to get the camera charged and ready.

Tip #4: Bring a tripod

A steady tripod can make all the difference in travel photos. Many popular travel camera lenses are light but not great for indoor photos; if you don’t have the camera steady, you’ll end up with a blurry shot. A tripod will fix that problem and give you the ability to capture dramatic special effects, like turning cascading water into a silky blur. It’s also great for capturing those group shots—you can be in the picture, for once!

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